Our Mission
Our mission at RedLeash is to make your life as a pet parent easier while maximizing your pets enjoyment and safety. Our services are designed to help you relax as we fulfill your every need when it comes to your furry family member.

Nobody wants to leave their best friend at home alone while they are at work or school. You can have piece of mind knowing that your dog is out on a well supervised, interactive walk with their friends and our trained staff.

Leaving home has never been simpler, RedLeash pet sitting and boarding services maintains your dog's day-to-day routine, keeps them out of boring cages and gives them an exciting slumber party with a familiar face (one of their best buds).

Through positive reinforcement training methods, we help you build a strong bond with your dog while encouraging good behavior.

Additional convenience services are available to help with your various obligations such as pet taxi transportation, food delivery and house sitting chores.

We pride ourselves on reliability and service quality. We look forward to being a support system for your family, while enriching the lives of your pets.
About the Lady in Red
I believe that there is nothing more rewarding than doing what you love, which is why I decided to follow my passion and dedicate myself to dogs and cats. Using the tools that I acquired at Concordia University, I founded RedLeash Pet Services in 2015. I achieved my designation from PIJAC Canada and am a proud Certified Canine Specialist with years of professional experience working with dogs and their families. My goal was to create an outlet of support for busy pet parents who need a break from the demanding obligations of pet care. I look forward to building a lasting relationship with your loyal companion and family.
Lindsay Reffca
Certified Canine Specialist
Founder of RedLeash Pet Services Inc.
Founder of Red Leash Pet Services with dogs.
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